New Launches


New Classes for Public - Weekday classes every Friday at MyGym@Tampines


Programme 1 : The Little Engineer’s Lab (5 -6 years old)

Fridays: 5.00-6.00 pm

Children learn about in dept sciences and participate in engineering and coding activities.

This gears them up to the applied learning concepts that will be implemented in the primary schools in Singapore in year 2023.

The students nurture their innovation, creativity and problem-solving skills in this programme.

Programme 2: The little Musical Scientist (3 -4 years old)

Fridays: 4.00-4.45 pm

Activities are mainly science-based as they explore with various materials to discover the world.

They are also introduced to early technology to learn about the various tools and machines that have been created and their uses.

They will then apply their learning in early engineering to create workable objects.

They will boost their observation skills, communication and problem-solving skills among others.